Book 3 Name Reveal and Update

Hello all,

It thrills me to announce that I have just put the last period on the last page of Returning, Book Three of The Emblem & The Lantern. Now she is off to the editors!

Before Returning is published several things must be completed:

  • Thematic and Grammatical Editing
  • Illustrations
  • Cover design & layout
  • Type setting
  • Soundtrack

A lot goes into crafting one of these books and I take pride in doing as much I can with my own hands.  However, the editing and illustrations are being taken on by the same tried and true team I’ve worked with in the past.

  • Thematic Editor – Joanna Jury
  • Grammatical Editor – Barbara Toth and JoAlison Higgins
  • Illustrations – Mikael Jury

In the end this a collaborative communal effort and without this team The Emblem & The Lantern would not be possible!

Look for the release in late May!



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